553461_364533010274416_1866659170_nHi, I’m Lynne Faubert, a Montreal-based cookbook author, food writer/columnist & advertising copywriter who moonlights as a mom and blogger. Whatever the media, I always seem to gravitate towards cooking, books and terroir.

My writing touches on all things food, like me. As a food pundit and advertising writer, I write for major food brands, I create recipes and I even art direct photo shoots (no, the pix on my blog say it all, I’m not the guru behind the camera, ever, but I know a lot of swell food stylists and photographers, thank heavens).

On the magazine front, I sign the Cuisine column for women’s mag Vero, where I cover all-food related subjects from the latest products to kitchen accessories, cookbooks etc. Like here, in other words. My editorial leanings have also led me to pen 10 cookbooks as author, concept creator, collaborator and even associate editor, garnering a few nice awards along the way. I’ve also been known to talk food on radio here and there, so visit the section In the News if you’d like to put a voice on the words.

Bilingual and multicultural at heart, I write in both French and English, so much for the two solitude conundrum. I “try” to publish 3 times a week, except when I’m monopolized by a book. Then I put on a disappearing act. If you’d like to be informed of new posts, add me to your RSS feed here.

Like anyone who writes for a living, I love to read. So if you had fun surfing this blog, let me know by dropping a comment. I’m quite talkative for a writer.