Editorial Policy

FrancoFoodie is my personal blog where I get to talk about topics I don’t cover elsewhere, in magazines or on the radio for example. I’m always on the lookout for new products or services to feature here or in other media. If you think your product, service, event, travel destination or other topic may be of interest to my readers, please write me.

I reserve the right to publish—or not—a post on the subject. The fact that I agree to consider a product or attend an event in no way represents a guarantee of publication. No samples will be returned unless previously agreed to, whether or not I publish on the matter.

I don’t ask or accept fees for attending events or publishing posts, with the exception of sponsored posts, mandated by contract and identified as such on the blog.

Should I like and choose to talk about any product, service, event, travel destination or other topic, any resulting post will include a disclosure of sponsorship, media invitation or gratuity in part or in full, as a sign of respect and transparency towards my readers.

This blog is my personal tribune to share all things I love or appreciate, not a soapbox to routinely criticize or denounce. Notwithstanding, I reserve the right to express my full and unbiased opinion about any product submitted for consideration.

At any time, don’t forget that you can simply ask to advertise your product or service on this blog, should it be of interest to my readership and in line with my editorial line. To do so, write me to outline your proposal, sponsorship or commercial venture. A media kit is also available upon request.