Turkey Marsala with Fried Sage

I mostly cook from scratch which is my my way of making sure my family eats healthy foods. My bechamel doesn’t come from an envelope and my—killer—tomato sauce is homemade. Once in a while, like any harried mom, I will open a jar of something or other to improvise a quick supper. Which doesn’t mean I let my guard down: for a jar to enter this house, it has to be “clean label,” i.e. made with real ingredients whose names you can pronounce. (Of course, since I often write packagings for food clients, I don’t let things like Citric Acid scare me off.)

When Fresh Sauces asked if I would participate in the Summer Fresh Sauces Recipe Challenge organized with Food Bloggers of Canada, I agreed because it sounded like the kind of product I’d buy in a pinch. I cooked with four of the sauces (sorry, I couldn’t get behind the Cranberry Madeira…). But the Mushroom Marsala, Butter Chicken, Thai Curry and 3 Peppercorn were nice and above all convenient.

Here’s the recipe I made with the Mushroom Marsala sauce that my family loved best. I amped the mushroom profile and voilà! A quick supper that rallied everyone around the table. BTW I didn’t win the Recipe Challenge. It might have helped if I’d posted this recipe on time. Oh well.

BTW: I write for the Turkey Producers of Québec and it’s a mystery to me why people don’t eat more turkey with the increasing variety of cuts available. Turkey has great umami and pairs with everything while being the lowest-fat protein after sole. Turkey steaks are easy to cook, beyond tasty and a healthy choice for anyone’s family. And no, my client didn’t pay me to say so…


  • 1. In a non-stick pan, melt butter or oil until it starts to foam. Fry a few sage leaves (reserve 1 or 2 for the sauce), carefully turning once when they start to stiffen and become a darker green. It should take around 30 seconds to 1 minute on the first side depending on the heat, and much quicker on the second side. Remove to a paper towel.
  • 2. In sage butter, fry the onion until softened. Add mushrooms and let brown without stirring until golden. Salt to taste. Turn over and finish cooking. Remove from pan.
  • 3. Season turkey steaks generously and add to pan to cook on both sides until golden and cooked through, a good 4 minutes per side. Mind that no pink colour remains inside. Pour in sauce and sprinkle a little chopped sage. Add in reserved onion and mushroom. Salt and pepper to taste. Stir and cook until sauce is warm and flavours have blended together.
  • 4. Serve with mashed potatoes decorated with the fried sage.