Ici et here Blog: A foodie child’s Montreal

Ici et here is a bilingual one-of-a-kind blog with a fixed lifespan of 52 weeks, serving up a snapshot of how food and all things related to it weave into the fabric of life in our city. Week after week, new collaborators invite you to discover “their” Montreal, its hottest events, trendiest restaurants, must-see markets and occasional failings too. Expect a few rants along the way, all courtesy of 52 Montreal personalities including chefs, columnists, bloggers and on-the-beat foodies.

My take? Foodie Montreal through the eyes of a 5 year-old who gets dragged to grown-up restos, crowded farmers’ markets and out-of-the-way ethnic groceries. And pretty much takes it all in stride, except for the occasional picky tantrum.

Visit the website here for my post (in French) and tasty bylines from new collaborators every week.