Radio-Canada: In the Zone



Christmas gift (p)review? December 2011 saw Clémence Risler, food critic for Guide Restos Voir, draw a list of French Quebec food blogs to bite into for the French CBC Writer’s Zone.

FrancoFoodie is included alongside local luminaries such as:  Gourmet Galopin from colleague Gildas Meneu, journalist for Voir and TV show L’Épicerie; Les banlieusardises by virtual friend Martine Gingras; and Christelle is flabbergasting signed by a French blogger and breathtaking photographer by the way.

I myself have yet to discover blogs by Madame Chose, Sophie Suraniti and La bouche pleine.

FrancoFoodie is described as “more serious” but “super informative”. Thanks…and darn. While I see this blog as a showcase to juggle words with humour, here I am deemed “serious”. Hum, this girl will have to learn to let loose some more, I guess.