Cream of Two Tomatoes & Fennel soup

Soup Take 2: The Cream of Vegetable Saga goes on with Junior still enamoured with soup & baguette suppers. And mama gratefully cooking great batches of the stuff. So much for Deceptively Delicious, let the vegetables reign! Since the half-pint has a thing for pasta in rosée sauce, admittedly, this cream of tomato soup was no great stretch of the imagination and close to a sure thing. It did not disappoint. The whole family licked their bowl.

“Please tell me you wrote down the recipe,” said Mr. Dad with a worried look. See, Mr. Dad complains that Junior and he are my guinea pigs (he has a way with words, that one) and that once a recipe has attained perfection, I never cook it again. I had to promise that this one was going on the monthly roster, just to buy peace.

So here is. Junior went for the plain version, I added pizzaz to ours with French bread croutons and fennel seeds roasted in butter. I’m not a black liquorice afficionada but here, it rocked.


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