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They just won the 2016 SIAL Innovation Grand Prize, the professional tradeshow that alternates between Toronto and Montreal (this year was Montreal’s turn). On this very blog, last year, I recommended the Malimousse seafood mousses. This year, the grand winner is the frozen chocolate bites assortment from Québec artisan company Essence Glacier. A well-deserved award indeed.

These dark chocolate bites, sold in a 9-chocolate assortment combining 7 flavours, are made with the Montreal company’s handcrafted ice creams and sherbets (which I praised here also, small world right?) The short version: they were a big hit in our house and, needless to say, I was quite taken with the idea of serving them to guests this summer, especially since my friends don’t have a sweet tooth in general. While I expected the dark chocolate-ice cream combo to prove the obvious winner, surprisingly the sherbet won the day, with everyone young and old in the house basically agreeing: they are Maybe because the fruity intensity of the sherbet better held its own against the dark chocolate than the milk-based ice cream…

In a recent press release, the company in fact claimed that some of its savours “push back the limits of the organoleptic experience, such as our passion fruit bites”. Well, if a 10-year-old (!) can testify to it, they were best-in-show for this family. Of course, taste is subjective, so you’ll want to make up your own mind. Quality and price go hand in hand, but when treating guests to a discerning dessert, these unique sweets are totally worth it.



Who? What? How much? Where?

Who: Essence Frozen Chocolates

What: 9 Chocolate Assortment, approx. 100 g

Price: $11.99 at IGA

Where: At IGA and fine food boutiques (list here)



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