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In 2014, three Québec entrepreneurs (Olivier Dionne, Kevin Creurer and Gwendal Creurer) decided to create organic artisan sodas sweetened with maple syrup, our local claim to fame. The launch of Bec Cola was hailed both in the media and by foodies alike. Let’s face it, it’s not easy going from food trend to mass appeal, but Bec Cola seems to be succeeding quite nicely thank you, so much so that I can now buy it at my neighbourhood Jean-Coutu drugstore.

After the ubiquitous cola, Bec Soda recently extended its offering with two new summery flavours: Lime and Cranberry, which I received for trial. Quick confession: sodas are my Achilles heel, I’m one of those who find it hard to drink plain water (I don’t make it a point of honour and I do try to drink 2-3 glasses of water everyday, but it’s a constant struggle). Plus I seem to have handed down my love of sugary bubbles to my son, which ranks way up there on my mommie guilt scale.

As the food columnist of Québec magazine Véro, I receive tons of new products for trial every year. And my son basically negotiated me as follows: unless it’s a cold product that needs to be refrigerated right away, I’m under duress to wait for him to come back from school to open boxes. (Not very professional, right, but a Mom first?) This kid now thinks it’s “normal” to get a “gift box” everyday of his life, major yikes. If the contents interest him, he will open whatever’s inside and taste on the spot, standing at the kitchen counter. Is that how foodies are born, you think?




The bottles of Bec Soda went into the fridge to be chilled, in anticipation of the after-supper taste test which kinda went like this:

Me : You want to try the Lime or the Cranberry?
Him: Lime is like lemon, right? That one.
Both: Slurp
Him: How’s the red one?
Me (crestfallen cause I know what’s coming): Good.
Him: Can I taste? Oh, it’s better. Can I finish it?
Me: (sigh…)

Verdict? So there you have it: we both liked cranberry over lime which surprised me. As a mom, I also liked that Bec Sodas contain less sugar than commercial soft drinks and, needless to say, the fact they’re organic is a major plus. In a recent issue of Véro Magazine, I also recommended Henri Sodas, local artisan sodas that were launched in the fall of 2015, the new brainchild of Jean-François Leduc and his team from Cafés Saint-Henri.




Bec Soda went the popular route with their lime and cranberry flavours, while Henri went full-on traditional with their Root and Spruce beers (mindblowing!). In the end, I still prefer Sodas Henri but Bec Sodas comes in a happy second and are well worth trying and encouraging. Plus, they give this mom a lot better conscience than Sprite or Coke bought at the local dep’, don’t you think?

Who? Where? What? How much?

Suggested retail price: $2.25 (yep, definitely more expensive than commercial soft drinks)

Retail outlets:


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