New product: Danino with less sugar

Danone has changed the formula of its popular Danino drinkable yoghurt for kids. Danino now has less sugar, i.e. 9 g per 93 ml, compared to the 21 g per 200 ml of competing brands like the ever popular Yop by Yoplait.

According to the maker, it took the R&D team eight months to tweak the Danino recipe in a way that would go virtually unnoticed by kids. It seems that by adding less sugar, the acid taste of yoghurt became too noticeable.

Let’s compare?

The mom in me decided to compare the nutritional data of Danino vs. Yop to make up my mind.

Danino came out on top pretty much everywhere:

• less sugar thanks to the new formula

• no water added (why the water, dear Yop?)

• a tad more protein

• a list of ingredients without sorbate this or citrate that (I am a BIG proponent of “clean label” foods).

Danino loses some points when it comes to sodium, although in our house we eat so few processed foods, it’s not really a concern. If you’re worried about sodium, you may want to know that kids’ daily intake should not exceed 1000 to 1200 mg…

Taste test

Kiddo happily took part in a taste test and gave Danino a big thumb’s up. He saw no real difference and positively loved the new dino-shaped bottle perfect for little hands.

For my part, I still have issues with the small bottle size, especially when the neigbourhood Mini-mes hit my home and start downing Danino two at a time to feel satisfied. Which of course brings us back to that whole water added business of competing brands… In the end, anything that lowers the amount of sugar my son ingests on a daily basis remains welcome news to me. Thank God (or mommy?), he doesn’t have a sweet tooth anyways. Don’t get me started on his love of chips though. What about you? Concerned much about sugar?


Brand: Danino drinkable yoghurt

Flavours: Strawberry, Apple-grape, Strawberry-banana, Raspberry

Price: $4.99 $ for 8 bottles

Where: everywhere…



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