Festival: Joyeux Novembre

The month of November is at our door, with its ever-threatening downpours that take the joy out of many Quebecers. In an effort to combat the grey weather, the SAQ has chosen to pour it on, in a decidedly more festive manner. During the Joyeux Novembre Festival, event after event invite fans to put their party on, miserable fall weather notwithstanding.

On the menu, Babette’s Feast inspired by the celebrated movie, numerous wine show incarnations, the Taste Montreal restaurant tour and, the ultimate treat of all, a fine dining evening at the Tourism Institute with no less than triple Michelin French chef Pierre Gagnaire (shown below). At $700 per person, including cocktail and wine pairings, the 6-service evening is out of reach for most, but event organizers were visibly proud to have scored such a coup at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts launch. The evening is shaping up as the haute cuisine event of the fall. (As a self-employed food writer, I asked the boss if my expense account could cover it, but she said no. If your boss or expense account are, shall we say, more forthcoming, don’t miss it!)

Intended for a larger audience, the wine salon billed as La Grande Dégustation de Montréal will cost you a very reasonable $15 entrance fee, although you’ll have to spring for tastings per say. Wine Lover Alert! Here’s your chance to order private-import wine by the bottle rather than the case…

Is it a record, this year’s Montreal tour known as Taste Montreal brings together no less than 125 restaurants with fixed menus priced at $19, $29 and $39. Here too, the opportunity is golden to enjoy the restaurant of your dreams at a smaller-than-usual price. I don’t think I can remember so many restaurateurs joining in one month-long event before…

Although the official website here is in French only, you’ll find links to individual events with an English version under the Événements button. The official video, also in French, follows. Bon appétit to all and a Joyful November indeed!


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