The ‘burbs: 10 places to eat outside Montreal (part 2)

Stop right there! As in any of these fun restos from the 450 and beyond, suggested by 10 bloggers I know, whose DNA hits 100 on the foodie scale (you’ll find the addresses suggested by the first 5 bloggers right here). You also know some seriously good restaurants in the suburbs around Montreal? Send me your suggestions and I’ll happily share them in this blog and on social media. With some generous crowd-sourcing, we could build a GoogleMap from hell, isn’t that a great idea?

By the way, for my own personal recommandation during the shortlived seafood season, scroll to the end of the post. Yep, a +1 in the good ol’ tradition of dining out. Happy roads to all!

Take out your GPS people :

lionel Chez Lionel or when the 450 welcomes you in top-notch digs



Antoine Gélinas from Bouchées Doubles

— Antoine Gélinas was born in a family where food is generally written with an uppercase F. A past restaurant owner, he has followed his food obsession the world over, from Montreal to New York and San Francisco to Cairo. The kind of guy who cooks a large hog mechoui-style in his backyard, he may arguably be the busiest blogger in town.

Chez Lionel in Boucherville

I confess readily, I’m a snob. The mere idea of leaving the 514 always sends shivers down my spine. Why venture to the 450 when I can find anything to please on my beloved island? Still, professional pursuits draw me away from civilization to forage in the suburban jungle. One of the best reasons to venture far and wide is to visit Chez Lionel, the friendly bistro of chef Ian Perreault, for a gratifying brunch. The space is generous and airy, natural light abounds, you feel instantly comfortable. Whether I choose the breakfast poutine, salmon tartare, eggs benedict or the toasted olive-oil banana bread on 78% dark chocolate cream (shown above), I’m a happy man. The welcome is impeccable and the servings generous. The 450 has a reason to be proud!

(If you have any room left — and don’t we all for ice cream! —, drop by Chocolats Favoris nearby. Then head for the great big park to walk it off.)

But that’s not all! Ian Perreault also serves the gamut of ready-to-eat specialties at Valmont Galerie Gastronomique in Brossard’s Quartier DIX30. If the 450 keeps it up, one could spend the whole day splurging on the food…

Info: Chez Lionel: 1052 Lionel-Daunais, suite 302, in Boucherville, J4B 0B2, 450-906-3886

Valmont Galerie Gastronomique: 8005 Du Quartier Blvd. suite 101, in Brossard, J4Y 0N5

image1 Aryana in DDO or Afghani cuisine at its best


Aaron and Carolynne of Foodie Date Night

— Foodie Date Night brings together Aaron and Carolynne, a married couple of culinary school graduates, former restaurant industry employees, and all around food enthusiasts. While eating and cooking are their passion and hobby, it’s no longer their livelihood beyond the personal blog where they review restaurants from time to time.

Aryana in Dollard-des-Ormeaux

We’ve often found that the best food can be found in the most unlikely of places; Aryana is precisely one of those places. Located in a mundane strip-mall in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, this Afghani restaurant is owned and operated by a charming family with a deft hand for comforting cookery and genuine hospitality. Start with the Badunjan Burani, supple slices of eggplant seasoned with a kiss of garlic, garnished with a swirl of tangy yogurt and grassy dill. Follow with the house specialties, a side order of their sensational Kadu, savory stewed cubes of pumpkin and the Kabuli Palow, a generous portion of fragrant rice topped with tender pieces of braised lamb, shaved carrots and sweet raisins. Don’t forget to BYOW.

Info: 4886 Des Sources Blvd., Dollard-des-Ormeaux, H8Y 3C7, 514-683-9595

summum The summum of junk food beyond the South Shore?


Janice Lawandi from Kitchen Heals Soul

— Janice is a PhD-chemist-turned-baker with a serious sweet tooth. She blogs about baking and works as a recipe developer and food stylist in Montreal. You can find some of her work on magazine covers locally and even abroad.

Fromagerie Qualité Summum in Bromont

Inevitably, after a day of skiing in Bromont or spa-ing at the Balnea spa, all I can think about is scarfing down a great poutine. Cue Fromagerie Qualité Summum. Order the classic poutine made with deliciously golden fries that are perfectly crispy on the outside, a killer gravy, and of course, squeaky cheese curds. It’s perfect and reason enough to take a joy-ride out of Montreal and visit Bromont (if the spa and the skiing aren’t enough to convince you).

Info: 52 Boulevard de Bromont, in Bromont, J2L2K4, 450-534-0672

noireetblanche Noire et Blanche Beer Pub, plus the charms of Old Saint-Eustache…

Julie Philippon from MamanBooh!

— When introducing herself, Julie often says she’s an octopus-mom or a slash-her (mother/blogger/teacher/handywoman/freelancer) who likes to put words on woes, see the positive side of negative turns, and who strongly believes that social media can make a difference in people’s lives, offer a ray of hope when everything’s going wrong.

Brasserie Noire et Blanche in Old Saint-Eustache

Noire et Blanche is a beer pub in the Lower Laurentians, located in Old Saint-Eustache on the banks of rivière du Chêne, where I like to stop for a beer (or hard cider) bock, have a snack, enjoy the terrace, etc. I appreciate that they promote local and artisan products, the pleasant atmosphere of the historical surroundings, all without travelling far (to Montreal, for example!). Everything on the menu is good and the staff can suggest the best beer pairings, which I love since I’m no connoisseur!

Info: 196 St-Eustache St., in St-Eustache, J7R 2L5, 450-983-6100



Valérie Thibault from Famille au Menu and La Déroutée

— Valérie Thibault is a writer and blogger with a passion for travel and fine dining, shared in no less than two blogs featuring her discoveries. A mother with a foodie toddler, she dares to take him on her wanderings.

Pizzeria Delphi in Mirabel

When I was in high school, I would take pleasure in arguing with friends who claimed pizza was Italian : “No, no, you’re so wrong : pizza is Greek!” I was ready to defend my theory body and soul, by sending them to dine at Pizzeria Delphi, in St-Augustin de Mirabel. The Delphi Special, an all-dressed pizza with spaghetti and meat sauce in between, marked my childhood; and my family could never order from anybody else but our Greek friends. Over the years, the small delivery counter has expanded into the neighbourhood’s family favourite restaurant. The walls are still covered with countless old-time photographs, the service is as welcoming and heartfelt; above all, the pizzas, submarines, Greek specialties and smoked meat sandwiches have the same appetite appeal. A must-stop over on Montreal’s North Shore and a 30 minutes drive only.

Info: 8003 Saint-Jacques St., in Mirabel, J7N 1X2, 450-475-6606

capitainedoyle Capitaine Doyle, with all the charm of the Islands and Old Saint-Eustache. Photo: ©


My take on the 450? Capitaine Doyle, in Old Saint-Eustache

I have many favourite suburban haunts since I live in Laval. Rather than introducing you to my family’s everyday go-to restaurant, I thought I would present my latest discovery, Capitaine Doyle in Old Saint-Eustache (yes, the same neck of the woods as Julie above). Imagine an old house transformed into a restaurant where Magdalen’s Island specialties are served with authentic island accent. Their specialty? Seafood, what else, especially lobster which is in season right now—and which explains my choice. Lobster club, lobster roll, seafood platter, lobster poutine even : in other words, everything for the seafood lover in you. Last March, in the middle of a snow storm, I even ate a lobster rice served with fruit salad right smack in the middle. A little bewildering yet surprisingly chaming (but, let’s face, Monsieur would suggest you go for the classics and just club ‘n’ roll if you go). Bon appétit.

Info: 163 Saint-Eustache St., in Old Saint-Eustache, J7R 2L5, 450-735-1404


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