Maxi: Celebrating imperfection

The news has spread at a speed that says it all: Maxi and Maxi & Co stores in Greater Montreal will be selling “Naturally Imperfect” fruit and vegetable, previously discarded for their irregular shape or stunted size—which in no impact either their taste or nutritional goodness, by the way.



The press release sent to the media announced the launch of imperfect potatotes sold 30% less than regular price. A line made me tick: “The line could extend to offer Québec apples in the near future,” said the press release (in French). If I read between the lines, it would seem to suggest that the Naturally Imperfect brand will have to prove its worth, and win popular support, if we hope that Maxi will introduce other products. So send them a signal?

Between you and me, I find a bipolar carrot or Marilyn Monroe-shaped potato infinitely sexier. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t riffling through the field tomato bin at my farmer’s market to find the sorriest looking tomatoes. A knee-jerk reflex from a girl that could never win Miss Universe… (actually, I just find them visually more interesting if not better tasting, that’s all).

If you read French, I recommend this funny oped by Stéphane Laporte in the weekend edition of La Presse. It made me laugh. A naturally funny take on the topic.




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