Obsidian Dreams


If you’re like me, maybe you feel like a cast member of Damages everytime you open that refrigerator door, whether the mess inside has been self-generated or kindly sponsored by a 9 year-old with the DNA of Mr. Bean? On the white canvas background, squirts and drips and gravity-defying splashes of strawberry jam, leaky ground beef and pickle juice look like the work of some demented grade school Jackson Pollock, shudder the thought.

With the new Obsidian* by Jenn-Air fridge, the traces of A Day in the Life have a better chance of going unnoticed (and maybe unwashed, but that’s a different kettle). You see, the inside of the refrigerator is painted in a dark charcoal that not only hides your lack of housekeeping skills but also lends an impressive chic to any food—with LED lights to stage the contents. Turkey leftovers in their Tupperware, not so sure, but that neon yellow lemon sure pops.


While the new Obsidian line includes the usual kitchen appliance suspects, in Canada, the offer is limited to the built-in refrigerator and freezer, 36 or 42 inches, with French doors. Of course, the price tag is just as spectacular. Your new fridge will cost you, ahem, $10,000. But one can dream, right? Preferably with your head in the fridge, surrounded by so much beauty, while you wipe away your son’s handiwork, thanks again kiddo.



*I love the name which reminds me of my Egyptian and Mesopotamian art classes at McGill. Feeling a wave of nostalgia suddenly to look into the enigmatic eyes of some pharaoh that’s been chilling for eternity.

Sold: Independent luxury kitchen appliance stores


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