100 vedettes, 100 recettes, Centraide


Book: 100 vedettes, 100 recettes, Centraide
Publisher: Radio-Canada (French CBC) and Les Éditions Transcontinental
Published in: Fall 2009

A fund-raising venture of the French CBC on behalf of Centraide, this recipe collective called upon 100 stars from Radio-Canada’s past and present. TV series and soap actors, journalists, comedians, etc., all provided their favourite dish, accompanied by a short bio and recipe background. In a much talked-about twist, some of the recipes come from “star” characters dear to Québec viewers of all ages, such as Paillasson’s Chocolate Potatoes, La Petite Vie’s Pâté Chinois and Séraphin’s Buckwheat pancakes. As a part of the concept team, I also edited and revised all recipes, developed the “fictive” dishes and copywrote the book. Part of the proceeds go to Centraide.

It is possible to buy a digital copy of the book here (in French only).