Passion Chocolat




Book: Passion Chocolat: L’étonnante aventure du cacao de Geneviève Grandbois
Publisher: Éditions de l’homme
Published: Fall 2013

From its discovery by the Olmecs of Honduras to the scientific advance of functional chocolate, this book offers the most complete survey of cocoa to date: history, culture, transformation, health benefits, tasting rituals, best pairings, etc. It also provides 40 original recipes with illustrated techniques, as well as portraits of leading chocolate makers, from Spain’s Enric Rovira to its Canadian author Geneviève Grandbois. As collaborator, I got to eat a lot of chocolate, enough to carry out the research and copywriting. A must-read for chocoholics, and there are many!

It is possible to flip through the book and purchase it here (in French only).