Introduction please?

Here is. Another food blog. As if. As if the web does not already serve multiple offerings of de•li•cious•ness. As if a simple click does not unleash a “tsunami of free recipes” (the expression is not mine, it was penned by food writer and personal fave Michael Ruhlman). As if the suburban mom of a 4 year old with a picky streak has anything new to bring to the table. Well, actually, there’s the rub.

Although online moms everywhere are pulling their hair out, blow-by-blow blogs about everyday life with a picky eater do not abound. Parents at their wit’s end, oh yes. Kids intent on outwitting them, you bet. But on the subject, not that many Q&As, seize-the-day solutions, or zen-inducing ideas to relax when Junior has his little finger perpetually poised over our panic button.

In the ad world, that’s what we call the mission.

In the left corner, male, 4 years old, picky eater in camouflage…

In the right corner, woman, 48 years old, stubborn as all…

This blog is also the beginning of a publishing adventure of sorts. That’s because a few months ago, I met a publisher keen on a book project of mine about, what else, kids and nutrition. Thing is, the book isn’t written yet, only the table of contents… Both the actual writing and research remain to do.

So I told myself, why not. Why not give this project a world wide whirl and invite everyone, whether internaut, foodie, parent or not, to the making-of. You can even guide it along with your own ideas, questions, and perspective. Think of it as Seth Godin without the riff. But with hormones. And hair.

There it is. You decide what role you wish to play, from occasional visitor to active participant with a story to tell. From one mom, or one foodie, to another: Welcome. Nice to meet you.


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