Cookbook Contest: We have a winner!

Congratulations to Caroline Masson from who won the À la bonne franquette cookbook. She owes one to her grand-mother who inspired her as a kid with her delicious spaghetti with sausage recipe… Sounds good to me.

Come back later this week since, with the contest over, I’m back to cooking cherished family recipes and reviewing Québec chef cookbooks, good and bad.

Thanks for participating in such large numbers, especially given my newbie blog status. it was a pleasure to read you. Internet contests are fun, I must say.

P.S. You didn’t win? All is not lost, make yourself happy by cooking this meatloaf from chef Danny St-Pierre from Auguste Restaurant in Sherbrooke, featured in À la bonne franquette. It’s pure happiness. A reader even wrote to tell me that her kids started applauding when they tasted it!


Just in: One of the perks of being a blogger? Publishers send you books. I just received this one in the mail, with 170 quinoa recipes for me to try. I surely will, quinoa is one of those ancient grains that speak to me. Are you as interested as I am? Give me a shout and maybe I’ll include one of the recipes on the blog.


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