The day I became a food columnist

Today, the new Véro Magazine is launched province-wide. Think Oprah magazine, Québec-style. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve been asked to write the Cuisine column…

While I’m hardly objective, rarely have I seen a magazine so jam-packed with ideas and collaborators. There’s even a section written by and for men, not bad for a “women’s magazine”! For readers outside Québec, the magazine will be available for download on iPad around September 28, if you’d like to learn more about local culture (in French needless to say).

For my part, in each issue of Véro Magazine, you’ll find a page devoted to my gourmet finds: cookbooks, new products, websites, kitchen accessories… In other words, a quick look at what I (and the team) found newsworthy over past months. For now, the magazine intends to publish on a seasonal basis, with issues in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

In the Buzz section elsewhere in the magazine, I even give readers an exclusive look at chocolate maker Geneviève Grandbois’ new coffee-table book Passion Chocolat on which I collaborated—the magazine world equivalent of insider trading, lol.

Now, bloggers, journalists and food columnists receive a ton of press releases and samples from restaurants, manufacturers, publishers and PR people. It’s downright impossible to talk about everything I like were we to publish twice a month.

So, the blog is turning a new leaf. As often as possible, I’ll try to come here and chat about all I’ve discovered and taken a fancy to for one reason or another, hoping you’ll like it as well. Of course, feel free to chime in and use either the Comments section or even the Contact button above to tell me about your own faves. Who knows where it could lead.


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