Tourism: Discover Montreal’s Little Italy

Throughout August, one of my favourite Montreal neighbourhood is organizing a pretty cool event: an Aromatic Herbs Path in Little Italy.

Visitors are invited to follow the path and discover neighbourhood cafés and restaurants decorated with flower boxes full of varied fresh herbs at each stop. The daily menu will feature a special herb-centric recipe to explore different Mediterranean herbs. Organizers say foodies will also be able to ask chefs and shopkeepers about their aromatic herbs of choice. The most gourmand of us can then walk off the calories by making a beeline for Montreal’s famed Jean-Talon Market nearby to discover even more fresh herbs.

I recommend you stop by my own personal favourite: Jacques et Diane, Booth 192. I had the pleasure to interview Jacques Rémillard for one of my first cookbooks, TV show’s Des kiwis et des hommes. He remains one of the most generous, passionate farmers I’ve ever met. On their Saint-Michel-de-Napierville farm, Jacques and his family grow an astonishing array of fine herbs you can taste at the market before you buy. I suggest you nibble on 5 or 6, then finish off with fresh tarragon. Numb lips and tangling mouth guaranteed!

Here’s a list of participating restaurants, also available on the Little Italy website. A very nice listing you might want to bookmark for whenever you visit this tasty corner of foodie Montreal BTW. While it’s not part of the Aromatic Path, I suggest you also stop by the new Impasto on Dante Street. Launched by top chef Michele Forgione and celebrity owner/all-around-good-guy Stefano Faita, it’s already shaping up to become one of Montreal’s best Italian destinations. Buon appetito!

Via Roma – 7074 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Sage / Recipe : Saltimbocca à la Romana

Fornarina – 6825 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Basil / Recipe: Pizza margherita

Pomodoro – 6834 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Chive / Recipe : Bruschetta (on the pizza)

Panino Pazzo – 193 rue St-Zotique Est

Herb: Basil/ Recipe : Pizza Pomodoro and basil

Piatto Pieno – 177 rue St-Zotique Est

Herb: Rosemary / Recipe : Rosemary rabbit

Caffè Epoca – 6778 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Rosemary/ Recipe: Ossobucco and Saltimbocca

Hostaria – 236 rue St-Zotique Est

Herb: Oregan / Recipe : Alici raganate

Pizzeria Napoletana – 180 rue Dante

Herb: Basil/ Recipe: Pizza Margherita

Café Internazionale – 6714 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Basil / Recipe Pizza Margherita

Rione – 227 rue St-Zotique Est

Herb: Basil/Recipe : Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil salad

Brama – 6701 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Marjoram/ Recipe: Lobster risotto with zucchini and marjory

Travaglini Aliments Fins – 152 av. Mozart Est

Herb: Thyme / Recipe: thyme flat bread (order required)

Inferno – 6850 rue St-Dominique

Herb: Thyme /Recipe: Little Thyme Lasagnas

Via Dante – 251 rue Dante

Herb: Rosemary and sage / Recipe: Rabbi a la Wilma

Bottega – 68 rue St-Zotique Est

Herb: Mint /recipe Carciofi alla romana

Fabbrica – 6896 rue St-Dominique

Herb: Sage / Recipe Raviolis with mushrooms and sage sauce

Corneli – 6741 boul. St-Laurent

Herb: Oregano / Recipe: Rabbit with black olives and Oregano


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