Test drive: Jura Espresso Machine

When I turned to freelance writing 10 years ago, my first major purchase was… an espresso machine. I’d lost my job when the agency I worked for closed without warning. I had no client and no financial prospects. So much for priorities and survival instinct. Since though, my Mokita Plus has helped me greet every morning (I’m not a morning person) and every client. If you buy it, they will come?

When Swiss coffee maker Jura wrote to offer me a test drive of their new line of espresso machines, let’s just say they were preaching to the converted. I could have gone for the BMW of espresso machines at $3000, I chose to keep it real for my blog readers and picked the entry model: the ENA Micro 1 with integrated coffee grinder, which retails for around $800. Expensive-ish but not out of reach, considering I bought my old Mokita for $500 all of 10 years ago.

I spent the last month playing with my new toy. A heavenly month for any coffee lover. With one touch, the coffee would grind itself and pour voluptuously into my waiting cup in a burst of thick, unctuous crema. Yum. The digital screen warns you at every step: when you need to add water or coffee, or when the machine requires cleaning (30 seconds tops, in and out). The tap slides up and down if you need a cuppa or a tall latte in a glass. Pure happiness. I even made a Vine to show the sequence of adding water and brewing coffee. Any faster and you just might as well shoot yourself with caffeine.

My happiness, unfortunately, ended this week. Jura repossessed its subcompact, I lost my crema and also the milk frother loaned at the same time. A crazazy milk frother, $130 on Amazon here that I absolutely recommend. In fact, I’d dare call it ze Christmas gift for your fave coffee addict, with froth so tight and airy it looks like meringue.

This Jura video shows you said magical contraption works. Click at your own risk:

Thanks, Jura. Your makers are diabolical and, like coffee, lead to addiction. But I’m a willing victim. You should see me before my morning coffee. Not.


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