Kid Apps: Toc Toc Toc

This post is about a Québec-made kid app in French only. However the game is all-graphic and suitable for English-speaking kids.


It’s crazy the things our kids know…and we have no idea. Case in point, Grubule, the hungry mouse from Québécois kid show Toc Toc Toc, broadcasted on the French CBC and Télé-Québec. Never heard of it, never heard kiddo talk about it. In our house, Netflix reigns supreme, with dinosaur and shark documentaries galore. In fact, my level of knowledge about bloodthirsty creatures with teeth has become downright scary.

When I received the press release about Toc Toc Toc’s newly launched app, I downloaded the free version for ze kid (the first 10 levels only are free, you must pay $2.99 for the remaining 50 levels, which isn’t bad value). Well, Junior pointed to the screen saying “C’est Toc Toc Toc”. Now I know what he watches in class or at his friends’ house…

Why would a foodwriter receive press releases about kid apps? Maybe because the storyline here is all about a quest for…cheese, lol.

The game asks kids to help Grubule find his way to said cheese along fun labyrinths. The app is intended for kids 3 to 8. Mine is 7 and I thought the game too simplistic for his age but, what do I know, he had a blast. So you may want to check it our for your young—and not so young— ones. That mouse is definitely cute…

To visit the official website, click here (in French only).

For the Facebook page of Téléfiction Jeunesse which produces the show (and which recently won the kid show award for Toc Toc Toc, click here.


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