The Breakfast Club of Canada

In September, kiddo started his second year of grade school and, like every fall, I had the parent-teacher meeting. In the middle of the conversation, the teacher felt the need to remind parents that kids need to eat breakfast. One of my son’s classmates had, it seemed, confessed that he doesn’t eat breakfast because “he’s not hungry in the morning”. Of everything that was discussed that night, this topic troubled me most of all and still does.

I live in a middle-class suburb of Montreal, neither rich, nor poor. Or so I thought. The Breakfast Club is not in our neighbourhood school. And yet, here I am, every morning, looking at those little faces as I drop kiddo in front of his school, wondering if one of them had to go without breakfast. In my so middle-class neighbourhood, maybe not all are enjoying the good life. Maybe the same thing is going on, unnoticed, in your neighbourhood? Maybe even your neighbour’s kids? Do we always know what is going on behind those blinds? Hum.

According to statistics, one Canadian child out of seven may be going to school on an empty stomach. Thanks to the Breakfast Club, it’s 130,000 meals that are served every morning, throughout this “rich” country of ours to counter that unsettling statistic. You can read this post, click tumble and move on to another blog. Or you can contribute right here, right now, for example by visiting Nivea’s Facebook page, one of the Club’s partners.

Click on Donate and you will be given the choice of donating online or, by dialing the Club number on your cell phone, you will automatically be billed $5. Or choose whichever means you prefer to give by visiting the Breakfast Club website. I trust you, you can do it. Because if you’re reading this blog, you care about food and good eating. Thank you in advance.


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