Video Love: Molecular Mojito

If you’re thinking spectacular food videos have become an important branding tool, you’re right. More and more, on YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms, food videos are going viral, on purpose. While the intent is obvious, and most times monetary, one can’t help but be amazed at the beauty. Case in point: Gastronomadas MX, a digital agency devoted to the promotion of Mexico’s “supremacy” in what they call “the art of gastronomy.”

On their Facebook page, you will find breathtaking videos featuring molecular gastronomy that are not only visually stunning but also quite informative about the process of making molecular food. Like this mojito sphere, too beautiful really to ever want to bite into (?) or drink, go figure, the handiwork of celebrated American chef José Andrés of Minibar and Tres fame.

So here’s a new installment in my Video Love series. For other viral food videos I heart, see here, here and here. Happy viewing!


Esferificación inversa de MojitoEl equipo de Minibar de José Andrés en Washington, DC le dio 2 giros a un cóctel clásico, el mojito. Utilizando la técnica molecular de esferificación inversa, transforman el cóctel en una pequeña esfera, suave que es carbonatada utilizando un “ISI whip.”Dale like (y) a Gastronómadas MX y ayúdanos a compartir las cosas deliciosas de la vida <3

Posted by Gastronómadas MX on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


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