Food Shops: The Oka Abbey Store

Do you have the soul of a locavore? Then, come fall, you’re probably planning a last ditch foray to the countryside for a bit of apple-a-pickin’ with family or friends. Why stop there when so many fine shops punctuate the roadside, welcoming you with a veritable bounty of homemade delicacies for the locavore in you. Case in point: The Oka Abbey Store.

Located right next to the cheese factory, let’s face it, there is nothing too mystic or even scenic about the locale but don’t let appearances turn you away. Inside you will discover a treasure trove of gourmet products from jams and jellies made from Abbey fruits (or so they say on the very basic looking packaging), to pine syrup, deer sausage, fine chees and even maybe some host cuttings. I don’t know about you but, as a kid, I used to feel almost wicked eating those…

Terroir edibles from other artisan brands are also sold, including those of Gourmet Sauvage made from wild fruit and vegetables only. Worth discovering.


With few monks-to-be poised for sainthood, the Abbey was sold in 2009, and a not-for-profit agency was created to mind the store, with the mission to preserve the patrimony left by the founding Order of Cistercians. As for the cheese, from Classic Oka to Artisan, they are made by cheese manufacturer Agropur, and have been for the past 25 years now. Hope you knew that already.

Cheese lovers will be happy to learn, though, that the fine cheeses sold at the Oka Abbey Store are priced with your financial, if not religious, well-being in mind. So bring a cooler.


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