New product alert: Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton Cakes

Fact of life when you are a blogger: Ad agencies, publishers, companies et al. often offer to send you products or books, invite you to launches, etc., hoping you will blog positively about them. I’m no exception.

However, if you are familiar with FrancoFoodie, then you know I don’t feature new products much, except for the occasional aside when presenting a new recipe where I use the product. Or book reviews, of course, but that’s my niche.

If I don’t like the product, for sure I’m not going to present it here or praise its too-elusive qualities. But it happens, too often for comfort, that I receive a product I do like and never get around to. I scrounge around for an angle, try to find a way to insert it into a scheduled post, time flies, and my two cents worth becomes useless and dépassé.

So, as part of my new Crushing Section, here is presenting one such product.

Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton Cookie cakes

Basically, these are cakes made from layers of MFMN cookies, with buttercream in between. Chocolate chunks are also generously distributed throughout and on top. They are rich, oh my! are they rich. They are super sweet, so it helps to have the corresponding tooth (or serve them with strong espresso like I did). They are also expensive, at $14.99 for 400 g in IGA Québec stores only.

But they are frozen, so you can keep them handy for when friends show up, with no shame attached to serving them on a Saturday night even. And the quality is worth congratulating. I don’t remember the last time I saw a non-organic grocery product where honest-to-goodness cream was the 1st ingredient. Dear Felix and Norton, for sure, you don’t skimp, guys.

Monsieur Félix & Mr. Norton is a Montreal-based bakery with numerous cookie outlets throughout Québec. You can also buy their frozen ready-to-bake cookie dough at IGA.

• Ménage-à-Trois Chocolate Chunk Cake
• Ebony & Invory Chocolate Chunk Cake

$14.99 (400 g or easily 6 servings)

IGA grocery stores in Québec


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