Perrier, the water that goes pop

Have you seen the new bottle launched by sparkling spring water Perrier with its Andy Warhol relooking? The partnership between the French water and American pop artist goes back to 1983, when Warhol agreed to create 40 iconic images for the famous green bottle. Beyond Warhol, multiple artists and film makers have actually collaborated with the brand over the years, including Salvador Dali, Ridley Scott and Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Warhol’s silk screens:

The new Perrier bottles:

All photographs courtesy of Perrier Canada

Warhol left us in 1987, but his Foundation for the visual arts still pursues partnerships with major brands such as Perrier. The French water company decided to celebrate its 150th anniversay by relaunching the bottles created by the king of Pop Art, notably famous for his relooking of the Campbell soup can. Introduced in early September for a short time only, the pop series is available in the most popular sizes for Canada: the 750 mL glass bottle and the 500 mL and 1 L plastic bottles.

To mark the occasion, Perrier has also developed pop cocktails (which I haven’t tried so I can’t see myself posting the recipes here). But you can actually find multiple cocktail recipes on Perrier’s website right here. If you try one, tell me in the Comments below, ‘kay?


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